7 key steps in Having a Winning Club


This is a summary of a future yet to be released book - draft title:

"How to have a Winning Club and get on track to business success"

Have you always wanted to understand the intricacies of a club & how they work & what makes a club tick & how to get the club on track & performing well?

The preparation of an event can be nerve-wracking especially when you cannot control the weather & so much preparation goes in by countless staff & volunteers.

The 7 key areas in having a Winning Club are:

1. Have a diverse Committee

Ensure the right governance structure is in place & the board understands their roles & responsibilities.

2. Have the right people in place

Appoint the right CEO & have the right business and organisational structure

3. Have a good plan in place

Do you understand your plan & what is required from strategic planning, business planning, operational planning, market & communication planning?

4. Have a budget & measure your performance

Do you understand the key drivers of your club?

5. Have a digital & customer engagement strategy

Do you know who your customer is & what they want & how to engage with them?

6. Understand your stakeholder needs?

Do you know who your stakeholders are & what they want?

7. Invest in your infrastructure

Do you have a master plan & understand why you have to invest in your infrastructure?

Get on track today, over the next couple of weeks I will be providing a bit more detail of each step in having a Winning Club and get you on to business success

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