Why are you a member of your local club?


Why are you a member of your local club? There are so many clubs to choose from, whether it is your local footie club, golf, race club or bowls clubs or a business club?

For clubs to survive into the future they require to have solid partnerships & a masterplan of their facilities. Clubs cannot rely solely on membership fees to run often asset rich but cash poor clubs. Many clubs are now partnering with aged care providers & if done correctly can be a win for the community with a cash injection to modernise the facilities & for the club to optimise the use of their assets. Many golf clubs, bowls clubs & race clubs are doing it. Clubs either need to merge with other clubs to create super clubs & economies of scale & then have the capacity to approach aged care or retirement or supermarket providers. Clubs are normally located in prime real estate & act as a community hub & need to be future thinking otherwise they will be left behind.

Committees need to make informed decisions in the best interests of their members & the community for the long term. Clubs need to be self-sustainable. It can work well but it takes time, patience & a great plan & support from local and state government. Support your club's future & create a winning club today. #strategy #clubs #community

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