What music inspires you to get you motivated?


What music inspires you to get you motivated?

To get up in the morning, to drive to work, to listen on the train or bus?

Do you listen to music during the day at work?

When I want to be motivated to give a presentation or a workshop or I before I play squash game I listen to
" Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky. Go the distance.

I recently watched "A Star is Born" & "Bohemian Rhapsody"

There was such passion & inspiration shown in these 2 movies. Especially Freddie Mercury despite his upbringing & his full set of teeth, his passion & dedication was absolutely amazing. He persevered through all the hardships.

Lady Gaga really impressed me with the song "Shallow"

Just like in business Freddie could not do it by himself without the support of his band and his agents. Choose your team & friends wisely as they will be there through good times and bad.

Music inspires the emotion of the listener, it tells a story & artists want to engage with their audience on an emotional level.

Music has the ability to energize and increase your endurance.

Music brings people together.

What is your inspirational song to set your mood or when you have to face a challenge and get you inspired?

"The show must go on!"

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