Do you know who your stakeholders are & what they want?


Happy fan = healthy club = less complaints

It takes a village to build a club.

Step 6 of 7 key areas in having a Winning Club is do you understand your stakeholder needs?

Sometimes, we forget about this. We forget how to properly study our target market. We do not give time to understand them, so we do not know how to engage with them.

It is the passion of the fans, members & the community engagement that keeps clubs together especially at grassroots. We have all belonged to a club at one point & it is part of our DNA.

Undertake a stakeholder analysis & define who they are and how they contribute to the social fabric of your club.

Stakeholders can not only be your customers but your suppliers & business partners.

Some key stakeholders in your club

• Fans
• Members
• Employees
• Coaches
• Sports stars
• Sponsors
• Community
• Wagering Providers
• Media
• Bankers
• Tourism Body
• Chamber of Commerce
• Local Council
• Sports Bodies
• State & Federal Government

Are you addressing their needs & are they providing value in return & creating a true partnership?

Have an engagement strategy with each group.

Look after them as they will in return look after you.

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