Does your club have a Master plan?


By Adam Carter | Chief| Carmalk Consulting |

No money to invest in your facilities?

Today's focus is the final Step 7 of 7 of A Winning Club - Do you have a master plan & understand why you must invest in your infrastructure? 

If you do not you will be left behind.

The status quo is no longer viable.

A club should use a pro-active strategic approach to asset plans, which sees Asset & Risk Management, Strategic, Business Planning processes all closely linked.

The management of the club’s facilities is a key responsibility of Committees & is essential if the club is to maintain members, participants, sponsors & the public in a competitive environment.

Clubs should be forward-looking & prepare a 3-5 year Capital Expenditure Plan to assess the financial viability & approve the capital works or appropriate investment in the Club.

Why does your club need a capital plan: -

  1. To reinvest back in the facility to increase membership & patronage & improve the customer experience.
  2. To guide the committee
  3. Essential for progress & prosperity
  4. Protects the rights of members & sponsors, donors & the governing body along with protecting the long-term objectives of the sporting code.
  5. Limits reputational risk
  6. Assists with cash flow planning
  7. Assists for grants & funding

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