How do you get your club on track?


By Adam Carter | Chief| Carmalk Consulting |

How do you get your club on track?

Recently, I highlighted the 7 key areas in having a Winning Club.

My focus is on Step 4 of 7 - Have a budget & measure your performance.

I hear you say, budgets, what a waste of time.

What does the management & the committee do with them?

Do you understand the key drivers of your club to help you perform & operate on a daily basis to get you to the finish line?

Key reasons your club needs a budget

  1. It is a guide & target
  2. It keeps your eyes on the finish line
  3. Holds you & your team to account
  4. Monitors your revenue, costs & cashflow
  5. Use a budget to measure how well you are actually performing & adjust your strategy to get you on track

Some key drivers I see at a club are:

  1. The People who provide the product & service
  2. The Community with engagement & the ability to give back, support of volunteers
  3. The Fan & the loyal supporter & how you engage with them in a real & genuine way
  4. The Sponsor & partners
  5. The Service offering maximising margins whilst being competitive
  6. Timely data

Can you think of what some of the drivers of your club are?

Get on track today

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