Are you playing the long game?


Are you playing the long game?

Cricket & business go hand in hand.

What a test match in Adelaide with a narrow loss #India vs #Australia

You don't have to like #cricket but there is a lot we can learn from the game

Cricket has had to reinvent itself from Test cricket over 5 days to 1 day cricket to #T20 .

The game is changing & the tactics need to change just like you need to treat a business.

It is a game all about strategy, you need a game plan & ongoing tactics.

You need to keep on trying over after over.

Have you stopped & thought, what can your business learn from cricket?

Quote from Ricky Ponting - former Australian Captain
"Every batsman surveys the field before taking strike, and usually the fielders get imprinted on his mind but in my head, I don't see the fielders. I only see gaps!"

Do you look for the gaps?

How do you beat your competitors?

Look for options - Communicate

Set the right field.

Have the right captain & coach to grow your team

I coached an u13 team this year & what a pleasure to see young men grow & form great bonds.

Sport unites people, creates mates for life

Are you in it for the long haul just like test cricket?

You do not get results overnight

How can the learnings from cricket help your business?
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