Are you a negative Nelly?


Are you a negative Nelly?

Do you look at the opportunities or the risks?

Do you play safely and always play within the rules?

Do you look for the gaps & opportunities?

Do you have to jump or run through the gap?

What goes through your mind when you look for the gaps?

Further to my review of cricket vs business and playing the long game and looking for the gaps. Maybe it's time you got a gap analysis of your business.

Where are you at and where do you want to be?

Current state vs future or desired state.

Gap analysis is understanding the gap between your #potential where you want to be and the #performance

5 key areas to look at in a gap analysis

  1. What is the current state of your business?
  2. Identify the gaps & the critical improvements areas
  3. Set your targets
  4. Determine what is your current state
  5. Determine your action steps to get to the desired future state

What are the gaps in your business and how can you close that gap or those gaps in your business?

Get your business on track today and get a gap analysis so that you can close those gaps in your business

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