5 Key Steps to Grow a Clubs Membership


Are you a member of a club whether in business or for pleasure?

Do clubs of the future need the same types of membership as they do now?

Building an audience is one thing. Converting an audience into a community that pays, again and again, is a whole other ball game.

Membership is a hard nut to crack. They are normally a fan of the sport or club or want a cheap offering or a part of a community or tribe.

Times are changing and so is the demographic at clubs. The wants and desires of the fan are changing, perhaps membership should be changing as well. There are many clubs our there all chasing the same consumers $ and corporate $ and you have to get the offering out in early years and make it attractive and affordable.

There are 5 key areas which will grow a club's membership.

  1. Interact with members
  2. Analyse your offering
  3. Understand your audience through Data Capture
  4. Engage in your communities and develop partnerships
  5. Showcase your members

Let me know if you agree.

Being part of a club is "sign of membership, social status, and spiritual worth" by Deborah Stone

Get your membership on track today.

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