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I am sure we have been missing our sport during Covid19.

I am sure we been watching highlights & memories.

All we want to do is be part of our team & banter with our mates

We want to cheer, shout, be competitive, have fun & be outdoors

We want to see our children having fun & exercising

Sport is a key past time in Australia & in so many countries, we may have too many sports codes in Australia compared to some.

We are spoilt for choice Rugby Union v Rugby League v Soccer v AFL v Cricket v Racing v Squash v Tennis v Netball v Basketball & the list goes on.

Sport is based on passion & commitment. It unites people across all divides & creates tribes of fans & followers.

Athletes, teams, animals would not have such awesome results without the dedication, strategy & support from coaches, volunteers, family & support staff

What can businesses learn from sports strategy

  1. Have fun
  2. Simplify
  3. Play to your strengths
  4. Communication
  5. Direct & Love the team & community
  6. Consistency
  7. Visualise Success

โ€œNever say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.โ€ โ€“ Michael Jordan

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