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The Finish Line

Did you want to be a winner at school in the egg and spoon race or the 100-metre dash? There is nothing better than the feeling coming over the line in first place.

We are passionate bunch of sports fanatics in Australia, we love our AFL, Rugby League Union, Horse racing and having a punt. We all want a great outcome and normally a win is what tops the day off. There will always be many losers in a race but only 1 winner. We all want the achievement and that magic feeling of euphoria of coming across the line first or scoring that winning kick or goal.

As we enter the home turn and we can see the finish line our hearts are pumping the adrenalin is at capacity. We must keep our head up and focus on finishing the race.

When you come around the turn and the crowd roars and the feeling is just electrifying.

Everyone is going as hard as they possibly can, some fighting out to the finish, others trying to get the best place possible — all with the huge crowd going nuts.

At Randwick racecourse in Sydney recently the champion horse WINX jumped out of the barriers last by 4 lengths, a horror start, and down the back straight is 6-7 lengths off the lead, and then somehow down the final straight is now 4 lengths off the lead. Winx powers down the straight on the outside and takes the win by a head from Foxplay and Ecuador. The commentator is ecstatic.

We all want to hear the scream of the fans, the roar of the crowd and broadcasters and commentators going wild.

You do not get to the finish line, without hard dedicated training and all the sun, moon and stars lining up.

You may have to wear your lucky socks or undies or charm to be a winner.

If you want to reach the finish line and beat your competitors, then you must be smarter and nailed the previous 4 stages of the race.

Stage 5 of the “Get on Track” Strategic framework is the “Finish Line”.

I have previously spoken about the other 4 stages of “Get on Track”

Stage 1 – The Barriers -Understanding where you are now, why you are there and where you want to go.

Stage 2 – The Back Straight – Formulate a strategy using your competitive advantage to optimise your position

Stage 3 –  The Home Turn – Set the strategy in motion and adjust it to suit the race.

Stage 4 – The Final Straight – Measure performance and keep your eye on the finish line.

In Stage 5 – The Finish line – Have you reached your objectives? What can you do better?

At the finish line, milestones have been reached, winnings have been made or lost.

Have you achieved your objectives and goals and targets?

Have you become a business of the future?

Have you made a profit?

Do you have cash in the bank?

Do you have happy staff?

Regardless of whether it won the race or not, the business of the future asks itself: ‘How can we do this better?’ How can we keep on winning, so we remain at the top of the curve?

Understanding that your brand is the sum of all the experiences your market has had with your brand name will help you to define and refine the brand experience. Every customer touch point is an opportunity to make good on your brand promise, one that cannot be missed. Adopt that attitude and business will invariably succeed.

All the lead up preparation, strategy and fine tuning comes into play on the last stretch of the track. Fortunes are made and lost in the final seconds of the race.

If your business just like a horse and jockey have come around the bend and out of the home turn, you need to have that competitive advantage and have the inside line to get the prize so you can also hear your fans cheer you on.

Focus on the finish line and the prize and get a winning strategy today.

As author Robin Sharma says:-
“Starting strong is good, Finishing strong is epic”
Celebrate the win in your business, give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work.

In the next episode I will be talking about the preparation required post-race and what you must do as a business and as a business owner/leader to start the race at your peak performance again.

Business is a continuous race around the track just like a business cycle as you continuously improve and grow the business.

Winning is fun…. Sure.

But winning is not the point.

Wanting to win is the point.

Not giving up is the point.

Never letting up is the point.
“Never being satisfied with what you’ve done is the point.”

—Pat Summitt

Get race ready, business ready and get yourself a trainer today and start that race and “Get on Track” and be a winner and reach the finish line in first place.

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