Preparation is key - Carmalk Consulting

Too many businesses focus on what has gone wrong, or what doesn’t work.

In sport, it’s the complete opposite. The emphasis is on understanding what makes someone good at what they do, how they can improve and how they can then pass those lessons on to others. It’s called preparation. And in sport, no-one does it better than the New Zealand All Blacks. They’ve dominated rugby union for decades – the last time they lost two matches in a row was 2011 and the key to their success is preparation, preparation, preparation.

Their strategy lies in a few key areas. Firstly, starting players young; secondly, helping players in all aspects of the game including skills, nutrition and psychology; and thirdly, that the team is king.

If you’d like your business to dominate your industry, the way the All Blacks rule the rugby pitch, call Carmalk Consulting today. We can help you kick all the goals you need.

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