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Having grown up in Zimbabwe & living in Victoria Falls with National Parks surrounding it, we often had baboons in our back yard & saw them on the way to work.

They are ingenious & fascinating animals.

My wife was working in Zambia & had to cross the border every day & as she was with immigration, she heard her car horn hoot

She looked out & a massive baboon was sitting in the front driver’s seat eating her yoghurt.

An onlooker said, ” He is telling you to hurry up madam! ”

Baboons are highly intelligent, extremely social animals, capable of both friendship & strategic interactions. They maintain long-term relationships with other individuals.

Key characteristics of a baboon we should learn from

They are: –

1. Adaptable
2. Part of a troop led by an alpha
3. Always on the lookout for danger
4. Sharers with meat after a hunt
5. Groomers of the fur of influential troop mates
6. Hierarchal but are democratic
7. Always alert

“Rafiki” the baboon in Lion King, said

“Change is good. Without it, life can get a little mundane. So, try something new! Embrace challenges!”

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Photo Credit: Callum McGeorge in Zimbabwe

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