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Business leaders and owners need to think like a coach. Recruit well, communicate with your team, overcome roadblocks and bring your game face.

Lisa Alexander coached the Australian Diamonds netball team from 2011, to 2020. With Lisa at the helm the team won 83 out of 102 test matches, making her the most successful Australian coach ever.

Lisa ensured the team understood that if you didn’t play as a team, you don’t score the goals. It’s the same in business. If you have confidence in your team, communicate clearly with them, and realise that practice makes perfect, you too can achieve your goals.

Top coaches also know that sometimes, the game doesn’t go their way and that’s ok. If you miss out on that contract, or don’t quite meet a sales goal, there’s always next time. And a good manager knows how to prepare their team for a new season.

At Carmalk Consulting, helping your business score goals is what we do best.

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