Who doesn’t like free money? Is there such a thing?


Who doesn't like free money?

Is there such a thing?

Grants can be a minefield, trying to find a grant or funding for your business, club, not for profit, start-up, SME is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Even if you find one, it is not guaranteed that you will be successful.

Once you find one, it is either closed or about to close & requires so much work, reading & info. The questions are mind-numbing. No, I am not an expert, this is all too hard. Have you had that feeling?

There are many grants out there, you just need to meet the criteria. Simple isn't it? Council, State & Federal Grants, Banks, Community etc

Grants for mentoring, business planning, infrastructure, R&D, staff, innovation etc.

My top 5 grant tips

  1. Research & apply for the right grant,
  2. Spend the time,
  3. Plan & collate the data early
  4. Link all the questions with the same story,
  5. Seek help early & get an external opinion, either to write the grant for you or review what you have done as well as completing the acquittal

Get on track & back yourself & apply for that grant today.

I have a 70% strike rate with grants, work with me to get your grant across the finish line.

Link in 1st comment to a very helpful Grant Assistance Finder in Australia.

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