What is your point of difference? Ask yourself WHY YOU?


What is your point of difference? Ask yourself WHY YOU?

Over the last 3 years, I have worked with over 50 companies who are trying to seek additional funding & improve their revenue streams & expand their business, innovate or bring new products & services to market.

I see a theme where they all struggle to obtain funding either through banks, investors or applying for grants.

They are all so busy focused in the business & get lost in the day today. They have not stood back &asked how can we do things better. They do not have the time, energy & resources or expertise & leave it to the last minute.

They have great ideas but are usually in their head. Once you ask the right questions with a strategic review through mind mapping is when there is a light bulb moment.

How is your business attracting investors/sponsors/partners?

1. Do you have a pitch deck?
2. Can you articulate your idea (product or service) with clarity?
3. Do you have a business plan or strategic plan?
4. Do you have a marketing plan?
5. Have you undertaken a financial analysis?
6. Can you Partner with a supplier, customers or competitor?
7. What is the ROI?

How are you going to appeal to investors through grants, angel funding, banks, & through partnerships?


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