What is your great start to 2019?


What is your great start to 2019?

It is always a fantastic feeling to receive an awesome testimonial from a client when you get a successful grant application.

The Queensland Government round 4 Digital Grant Applications came out on the 24th December 2018. My Client Abundance Global was successful.

Abundance Global is a specialised team of small and medium business experts based in Queensland who mentors and coaches entrepreneurs around the globe. The foundational services the business provides is one of support, education, training, optics and community for business owners.

Thanks for the great testimonial David Dugan, CEO of Abundance Global

"Thanks so much, Adam for working with us on the Small Business Digital Grant.
You made the process simple, gave great guidance and we are so thrilled as we were SUCCESSFUL.
This grant will be put to great use and we are so excited to be able to launch our product in the New Year.
Thanks again Adam for all your hard work."

If your business wants to Get on Track in 2019 and look at ways of securing grants let me know.

E:- acarter@carmalkconsulting.com.au

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Thanks, Dr David Dugan Business Coach #Kudos I am so grateful to be working with you #ThankYou

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