What would you do if the internet was shut down for 2 days?


What would you do if the internet was shut down for 2 days?
As a business could we survive?

Would you survive? No Spotify, no Linked In, no Facebook, no Twitter, no What's app, no messenger. No cloud-based software, Xero etc

We take access to the internet for granted.

Could you cope?

Would the banks work, how could you transfer money, pay bills, receive money?

Well, this happened in my former beloved home Zimbabwe, where I was born.

There was a nationwide 3-day stay away after the President announced a 150% increase in fuel & there has been carnage there all week.

After day 2 the Government ordered the internet service providers to shut down the internet. This is unheard of. So much for democracy. The power of social media.

Businesses shut & it is very difficult to do business, no school for 3 days.

The economy & country is in crisis. Once the breadbasket of Africa.

The world does not seem to care.

Count your blessings you have internet as there is more to life.

What is the strategy to turnaround Zimbabwe? Would you invest in Zimbabwe?

There is a lack of cash, foreign investment, no fuel & long fuel ques. Is Zimbabwe really open for business? Is the country broke?

I cry for my beloved Zimbabwe, my friends & its beautiful people from Brisbane.


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