What makes a great Treasurer of a club?


What makes a great Treasurer of a club?

How are we going to pay the bills this month? What are we going to do?

I am sure you have heard this all before whether you are a treasurer of the school P&C, the local sporting club or your community club, the list is endless.

The treasurer role is often a thankless volunteer role.

You don't want to be known as the "NO" person.

The President cannot be the treasurer due to a conflict of interest & ensure segregation of duties.

Seek a mentor or advice or guidance your state/national body.

The treasurer's 10 commandments

  1. Maintain secure computer-based accounts & banking system. (Xero or similar cloud-based)
  2. Issue receipts.
  3. Prompt banking.
  4. Try to move away from cash
  5. Do not pay without the authority of the committee.
  6. Do not issue petty cash without receiving a voucher.
  7. Distinguish between capital, revenue & expenditure.
  8. Reconcile the balance shown on the bank statements to the finance system.
  9. Report the past, present & future financial progress & position to all committee meetings & the AGM.
  10. Faithfully discharge your responsibilities to the committee, its members, its sponsors & others with whom it does business.

Treasurers can also have fun, be part of your community club.

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