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When was the last time you put your hand up & volunteered?

Do you look away when tasks are being allocated at your footie club or when there is fundraising needed or a position comes up on the committee?

There are many ways to give back. Yes, we are all time poor but if it was just a couple of hours a month it goes a long way. Clubs, not for profits & charities do not have the financial capacity to pay all the staff. This is why we have to give back, contribute our skillset & expertise. Many hands make light work. 

Lend a helping hand today at your local community club, sporting, aged care facility, charity

Change the perception of being a volunteer

  • It costs dollars & personal time
  • Volunteers expected to be on duty 24/7
  • As individuals, they can be disrespected & treated poorly by the members & fans

As a volunteer, it is a chance to 

  • give something back to the community 
  • make a difference to the people around them
  • provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing  experience and knowledge
  • Be mentored or be a mentor
  • Be part of your child's development

Get your club on track today  & put your hand up & volunteer. I literally just did with under 13 cricket coaching

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