What can business Strategy learn from sports strategy?


By Adam Carter | Chief| Carmalk Consulting | www.carmalkconsulting.com.au

Sport is a key past time in Australia and in so many countries, we may have too many sports codes in Australia compared to some.

We are spoilt for choice Rugby Union vs Rugby League vs Soccer vs AFL vs Cricket vs Racing and the list goes on. Unlike in New Zealand, the National sport is Rugby Union. Everyone knows the All Blacks.

Sport is based on passion and commitment. It unites people across all divides and creates tribes of fans and followers.

This last weekend was a great weekend in horse racing with the mighty Winx winning her 4th Cox Plate. 29 Straight wins. Simply amazing. Winx is currently rated the best racehorse for 3yo and up. Everyone will remember Winx.

Winx had amazing support from her Team from its Owners, Trainer Chris Waller, Jockey Hugh Bowman, trackwork riders, strappers, stable foreman, vets & staff.

Athletes, teams, animals would not have such awesome results without the dedication, strategy & support from coaches, family & support staff

What can businesses learn from sports strategy

1. Simplify

2. Play to your strengths

3. Communication

4. Love the team

5. Direct the team

6. Consistency

7. Visualise Success

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