The race that stops a nation, the #MelbourneCup


The race that stops a nation, the #MelbourneCup, what 24 chances are stopping your business #getontrack today

There are 24 horses starting from the barriers in the Melbourne Cup, 24 chances to pick a winner. What do you pick, the jockey, the jockeys colours, the horse's age & sex, the barrier, the trainer, the owners, the breeding, the type of track, the last 5 starts, the odds. There are so many options just like in business. If you analysed your business like you did the Melbourne Cup then you would be on track. There is no such thing as a "Sure Thing" unless you are #winx

In business, you have 24 chances to get to the finish line, which one would you pick?

Which business inputs did I miss?

Which one would you pick to get across the finish line first?

1. People
2. Governance
3. Cash
4. Profit
5. Sales
6. Strategy
7. Planning
8. Performance
9. Products
10. Assets
11. Membership
12. Fans
13. Customer experience
14. Facilities
15. Services
16. Technology
17. Overheads
18. Statutory Obligations
19. Marketing
20. Communications
21. Passion
22. Innovation
23. Time
24. Finance

What's missing in your business? Reputation?

If you want your business to #getontrack call Adam for a Get on Track session 0400 761 700

Happy punting.

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