Do you have a plan to get on track?


Recently I highlighted the 7 key areas in having a Winning Club.

Today I am going to focus on Step 3 of 7 in having a Winning Club - "Have a good plan in place"

Do you understand your plan & what is required from strategic planning, business planning, operational planning, market & communication planning?

Confusion about what the purpose is - one thinks the plan is this, whilst others believe it's something else.

How does your team & members know where you are going? How can you be held to account?

Do you have a Succession Plan?

One of the first duties of every new committee member is to seek their own replacement & have a succession plan.

A club needs an over-arching goal & plan for your business. Without a plan, a business is essentially rudderless, & day-to-day activities are likely to be haphazard & reactive, as opposed to those businesses implementing a well thought out business plan.

The top five reasons an organisation needs a business plan are: 

  1. To map the future;
  2. To support growth & secure funding;
  3. To develop & communicate a course of action;
  4. To help manage cash flow &
  5. To support a strategic exit
  6. Get on track today, activate & monitor your plan to the finish line.

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