Has sport gone bad, or has society changed & sport just failed to keep up?


There has been a tsunami of scandals, doping, ball tampering, corruption & match-fixing, has led to a breakdown in confidence in sports leadership.

Has sport gone bad, or has society changed & sport just failed to keep up?

We live in a world where 24/7 media scrutiny & continuous social media attention demand transparency & accountability. Now sports bodies face the same challenge: adapt or die.

Sport is about unifying people; it is about hope, commitment, & fulfilment.

No Chairman, CEO or executive is bigger than the sport.

Communication – to fans, participants, sponsors, employees, & media – must be a core part of your strategy, reassuring, educating & engaging all those with a role in getting the sport back on track.

Passion drives sport but I don't believe passion should drive the boardroom dynamics.

Boards must make decisions in the best interest of the sport & participants.

The importance of good corporate governance in sport: 

1. Act ethically, with integrity & with transparency
2. Guides the board
3. Essential for the progress & prosperity
4. Prevents fraud
5. It protects the rights of members & sponsors, donors & the governing body along with protecting the long-term objectives of the sporting code.
6. Limits reputational risk

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