Do you size up your opponent? How do you beat your competitors?


Do you size up your opponent?

How do you beat your competitors?

Last night I played my squash finals?

Just like in business I realized, it is all in the preparation. I engaged a world-class coach & my squash after 25 years has suddenly improved drastically. I felt good and ready. I was nervous in the warm-up thinking & focusing on my opponent. He was a lot better than me, his ranking said so.

My mouth was dry, I was trying not to be distracted. After many gruelling rallies, I got the first game & my team said great words of encouragement & how well I was playing. Then I got the second game after an epic rally. I was feeling the pressure. Then I seemed to switch off & lost the next 2 games. 2-2 I just needed the last game to win. Do you know that feeling? Wow, I was spent. I kept my eyes on the finish line & focus on my game & not the opponent. My team were positive. You've got this they said. Run after run whack, whack after whack. Sweat, concentration & determination & I was almost there. I could feel it & then a mind lapse mistakes & bang a winner by my opponent. I was shattered, I must have run a good 5km in short sharp bursts. I will keep my eyes on the prize & continue getting coached to get better, fitter & have a clear head.

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