Do you often lack motivation & don’t know where to start?


We all need to be accountable to someone.

Do you often lack motivation & don't know where to start?

I recently attended an event "You Got This" by Abundance Global – David Dugan.

What an inspirational 2 days & I would like to thank Craig Meinicke for the invite and Dr David Dugan Business Coach for the inspirational

It was a room of many types of businesses keen to learn, network & lots of partnership opportunities

David Dugan is an excellent speaker who gets you motivated & holds you to account.

Some key learnings from the event
  1. Set your Big Rocks & Grand Vision
  2. Visualise
  3. The price for entrepreneurial success is discipline & structure – Rich Dad
  4. What are my customer's problems & how can I solve them?
  5. Self-Assessment is key - Reflect, review & act
  6. Experiment, it is OK to fail, fail fast & learn & act
  7. Simplify

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible" Audrey Hepburn

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