Do you have a funding or grant strategy for 2019?


Do you have a funding or grant strategy for 2019?

Is your business eligible for a grant?

Do you know what grants are out there?

What type of business are, SME, Entrepreneur, school, not for profit, club, association?

Grants are very time consuming & you are competing against many other applicants.

You need to put your best foot forward & need to start planning early.

A grant application is just like:

  1. A pitch – think Shark Tank
  2. A mini business case to highlight what you do
  3. Why you do it
  4. Why you require the funding and what you will use it for
  5. Why you over your competitors, what makes you or your product unique

The grant provider wants to know what is the return on their investment.

Get grant ready today & map out your 2019 Grant plan when your ideal grant is due & work backwards of what is required. Seek help early and get an external opinion, either to write the grant for you or review what you have done, as well as completing the acquittal.

You don't want to miss out & not have all the available information.

Work with me on your grant strategy to get your grant across the finish line.

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