Do we need quotes to inspire us?


Do we need quotes to inspire us?

My quote for 2019 "Criticism is easy, achievement is difficult" by Winston Churchill, one of my heroes.

What is your quote for 2019?

When I see a great quote, yes it motivates me as a quick fix, but do we remember it, live and breathe it.

An excellent quote is just like a vision statement for you and for your business. Do you have one, do we need one?

How does you or your team or customer know where you are going, why you do what you do. A grand vision should be shared with customers, stakeholders and your team.

Are they just words on a page, who cares?

Well, you should care, find your quote to inspire you and review your vision statement today.

What is inspiring you in 2019?

Take control of your 2019,

Work hard as achievement is difficult.

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