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Do you have Board Diversity?
How can the board gap be improved?
How can board performance be improved?


Interesting article in California where publicly traded companies are to include at least one female director and companies would need up to 3 female directors by the end of 2021 depending on the number of board seats.

Should this be mandated in Australia or should it be left up to companies to recruit based on skill & fit for purpose?

There was a great choice of a board appointment Dr Kirsten Ferguson as acting Chair of the ABC last week. I have heard her deliver a presentation & she was excellent. I wish her well in the role.

Tomorrow’s boards must consider dynamic renewal, bringing fresh perspectives & diversity of thinking at a functional as well as cultural level. Boards & Committees can accelerate the process of enriching the Board & Committee through thinking through gender, educational, cultural, global & experiential diversity.

Board diversity requires commitment from leadership & be embedded across the organisation.

Thoughts & comments?

The woman on boards article 


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