Do you have a diverse committee?


Recently I highlighted the  7 key areas in having a Winning Club.

Today,  I am going to focus on

Step 1 - Have a diverse Committee

Ensure the right governance structure is in place & the committee understands their roles & responsibilities.

To ensure that the management of a club remains transparent & accountable, it is recommended that a rotation of committee positions be conducted every 3 to 5 years.

Good corporate governance plays a vital role in underpinning the integrity & efficiency of a committee. A balance between Performance & Compliance.

Tomorrow's boards must consider dynamic renewal, bringing fresh perspectives & hashtag#diversity of thinking at a functional as well as cultural level. Committees can accelerate the process of enriching the hashtag#committee through thinking through gender, educational, cultural, global & experiential diversity.

Committees must move away from group think & an "OLD BOYS or OLD GIRLS CLUB" mentality.

Move away from "group think" The Chairperson may recruit & appoint people who are very similar to themselves & like the same sports and activities.

Every committee has its own DNA, one size does not fit all.

Tom Ferris, an author said,

"Efficiency is doing things right"
"Effectiveness is doing the right things"

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