Do you know who your customer is & what they want & how to engage with them?


By Adam Carter | Chief| Carmalk Consulting |

Is the club you belong to struggling & not on track?

Step 5 of 7 key areas in having a Winning Club - Have a digital & customer engagement strategy

Do you know who your customer is & what they want & how to engage with them?

What makes a great digital strategy?

  • Have a plan for key messaging & detail by when & by who for each project
  • Do you have the right Skillset – in-house vs outsource
  • Training
  • Partnerships – work with experts (Cost vs Benefit)
  • Website vs Apps
  • Capture and reporting of timely data

How do you make a customer experience more fun?

  • Survey your fans
  • Focus on creating a relevant & personalised experience for your fans

Embrace social media to engage the fan

  • To regularly promote the club & service offering
  • Promotes a place to be seen, to be dressed up & a place to find your future partner
  • Offer easy access to get a ticket, buy a drink & buy food

The key is to keep your radar fine-tuned & monitor member & attendance usage & use that information as an important guide for engagement.

Staff need to get to know customers' habits, likes and dislikes, & provide service accordingly. Personalisation is a key differentiator & a goal worth working towards.

What can your club do for you?

Get on track today.

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