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By Adam Carter | Chief| Carmalk Consulting |

Do clubs need to change their structures?

Majority of committee members of clubs are volunteers who are often driven by:-

  • the passion of their sport or
  • are elected by their skill set or
  • want to make a difference or
  • have an invested interest such as playing the sport or
  • have a child participating.

One of the signs I saw at my son's soccer "please remember these are kids, this is a game, the coaches are volunteers, the referees are human, this is not the World Cup"

Parents and the community must realise that clubs are made up of volunteers and a lot a pressure is placed on them as well as committees just like kids. Work with them not against them.

Club structures start at the top. As a club committee, your responsibility is to adapt your key positions to best suit the capacity of the volunteer. If they don't have the specific skills or the time to complete all the tasks, adjust the position so it best reflects their capacity to be successful. 

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