The CFO Re-Engineered - Key Takeaways


CFO Series Symposium February 2017

I attended the Brisbane CFO Symposium, thanks to Richard McBride of the CFO Series and attended some very good facilitated sessions and have listed what I thought were the top 20 Key Takeaways in no particular order. Well worth attending if in a city near you. #CFOSeries

Key 20 Takeaways of the CFO Re-engineered
  1. Need to have soft skills
  2. Need to be an effective communicator
  3. Engage with the business and get out and understand operations and ask questions
  4. Challenge the unknown and move out of your comfort zone
  5. Need to be a leader and have good team behind you and empower them
  6. Lead by example
  7. Need to be agile and be open to new ideas
  8. Focus on the strategy and not just the numbers
  9. Be a business partner to the business and not act in isolation
  10. Learn not say no but say "How can I help you"
  11. Have simple reports with less words and more infographics, dashboards for easier reporting
  12. Have a plan and be persistent
  13. Continually drive change as change does not happen over night
  14. Get a mentor/business coach
  15. Be professional and your personal branding and be careful what you post on social media from a personal perspective
  16. Develop your "elevator pitch" for yourself and your business
  17. CFO must be more confident to match/stand in for CEO
  18. Be forward looking, results are always what happened (Rear view vs windscreen)
  19. Thinking at least 6-12 months out and continuously look ahead
  20. Listen and action out of listening

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