Boards & Chairman's Influence


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Boards & Chairman's Influence  

Recently in the ABC saga with the Chairman & CEO has turned into a bun fight on who was right or wrong.

Did the Chairman have the full support of the board & were there outside influences?

The Chairman & boards of organisations should not be appointed by Government in charge & if they are they actually truly need to be appointed independently. The board needs to follow the board charter and constitution & if they don’t they should be removed. Directors need to understand their fiduciary duties & not be influenced.

I have seen it where the Chairman is a strong character & is able to exude influence over fellow board members to get a vote across.

Board members should not be yes people & should be entitled to an opinion & should not be swayed by the Chairman.

A great Chairman must:

  1. Look forward & does not dwell on the past
  2. Not micromanage
  3. Be Ethical
  4. Not act independently
  5. Think strategically & drives the vision
  6. Is transparent & manages relationships
  7. Drives day to day operational decisions through the CEO

A great Chairman puts their own self-interest last as well as any conflict of interest & focuses on the stakeholders to ensure great customer service.

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