What are the Barriers to your Business?


If you follow the races, and even if you don't, you would have been exposed to the Melbourne Cup – the 'race that stops a nation'. It's a public holiday in Victoria and should be across the rest of the country.

The races are about the thundering hoofs of the horse galloping along the straight, with the jockey perched on its back, tucked in steering the beautiful animal to the finish line.

It's about friends and business colleagues meeting, getting glammed up and having fun. It's about having an experience and having a punt on the gee gee's.

The start of the business cycle can be at many different positions just like on a race track. The barriers would be moved to where your business performance sits and how well prepared you are.

Stage 1 of the Get on Track Strategic Framework are "The Barriers"

What are the barriers to your business to get you on track?

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